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Welcome to Karenlee Psychic Medium! 

Karenlee was born intuitive with an interest in spirits and witches from a young age. When Karen's dad passed over in 1990, when she was 23 years old, she had many visits from her father in which lead her to explore mediumship in more depth. She has studied 'Angel Intuitive' with Doreen Virtue™,  plus she was also chosen to become a certified Advanced Mediumship and Psychic Mediumship studying with Lisa Williams - LWISSD Los Angeles.

Karenlee is also a trained reflexologist and pranic spiritual healer, healing with colours. 

Although a natural intuitive, Karenlee continues to learn as much as possible to enhance her gift to assist others on their journey. 
You will find Karenlee at most Mind Body Spirit festivals with a private booth for her readings or healings. Click on the link to enquire or request a booking!


Many Blessings

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