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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy for readings and mediumship is for clients to leave feeling that they have guidance and direction in their life. If the client has lost a loved one, we will help assist with the grieving the process and help answer any unanswered questions.

Our philosophy for reflexology is to have each client leaving with renewed vitality, feeling lighter and a sense of peace within. Any questions they may have in regards to their health, present, past and future are answered appropriately by using my intuition. 


Hi Karenlee

I was very impressed with my reading and what you had to say. You have an amazing gift.

Kelly, TAS

I can't thank you enough for your reading. It was exactly what I needed. Thank you.


Omg that reading was so spot on! Thank you Karenlee this has been very comforting and I know I will see him again.


I recently had a reading that Karenlee was doing. I am generally apprehensive to go to 'new readers' as they sometimes have a way of putting fear into you instead of relieving the fear. I am so grateful for the gentle, tactful manner she relayed  the reading to me and in one area which was a particularly sensitive manner. I am not entirely sure how I came across Karen some 7 years ago at her beautiful home in Launceston but I am glad I did and I would recommend anyone wishing clarification on the direction of their life! I recommend having a reading by Karen!
Charlotte, QLD 

I have always had chronic back issues that have been well managed with osteopathy, but in the last 6 months I have had consistent pain. My GP put me on some strong anti-inflammatories, which worked for a short time, but the the issue returned. So I decided to try and work the problem out from the feet up. After my first treatment with Karen, my back felt better. She immediately picked up on my back and gut issues. She is a holistic healer, working with the physical and mental barriers we all experience and impact on our lives. I am having regular treatments with her to sort myself out. 

Amanda R 


I highly recommend Karen’s reflexology treatment.

It was so relaxing and she was on the mark with her findings of my illnesses and pain.

The extra special reading after my treatment was amazing and very emotional for me.

I truly believe in her intuitive gift and healing abilities.

Cannot wait to visit again and have been telling everyone how amazing she is!

Cindy, age 43


It was my first experience of this kind of thing (reflexology) with this lovely lady and she was very accurate with my Ailments and with her intuition! I found it to be very relaxing! Felt truly refreshed afterwards and would highly recommend!!

Rebecca B 

Thank you so much for my reading. It's actually nice to have it written down (email reading) to be able to read over and over.

So much of it has hit the nail on the head, so to speak. Time to take action, Thank you!


Hi Karenlee, I just wanted to let you know my stomach feels so much better. I have lost 200g and had a deep sleep. Thanks for your food tips too. I would love to book another healing session!


Thank you so much for taking the time with my reading and helping me believe that I can keep working and creating the life I desire.


I've always had a love for spiritual and psychic readings, but also scared for what they could tell me.

I had a couple of readings done by Karenlee and I have gone back and read through it again and it has blown me away!

Karenlee was spot on with the things that were happening/happened in my life.

I highly recommend Karenlee and will definitely be going back for another reading.

Carissa, 25 years

A beautiful lady who I felt very comfortable with, I felt like I made a friend. Her insight was truly amazing. I would highly recommend Karenlee for a reading.


Absolutely loved my intuitive reflexology foot pampering massage with Karen Lee Knowles. Relaxed, warm, friendly experience. I will be recommending it to my family and friends. Looking forward to my next appointment.

Janine Lee


Karen is a caring and positive individual who offers reflexology, massage and reading sessions in a calm and peaceful surroundings. 

I have spent many beneficial hours over recent years with Karen and each time I leave with my mind and body relaxed and feeling throughly rejuvenated. 

Karen has many special "Gifts" and I would highly recommend any time spent with her to be valuable.

Extremely happy client!

Susan H, Launceston 


Karen's words and advice always ring true, I have so much faith in her abilities and guidance and find comfort and support knowing her intuitive connection is true. I visit her regularly when needing direction on my path. 

Laura H 


I think the massages  Karen give help by relaxing my body, taking my pain away and help my stresses. I recommend Karen. They are great. 

Bella, 11 years old 

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